Yeah... We're those big pipe, mega bandwidth people. šŸ˜‰


Residential Internet

Starting at $20 per month with no setup fees, contracts or data caps. Our high-speed internet serviceĀ starts at fast and just gets faster!

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Datacenter Colocation

Our datacenter has been built up by local experts. We’ve gotĀ redundant bandwidth and power at a price you can’t beat! Schedule a tour today!

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Enterprise Bandwidth

We provide enterprise fiber internet startingĀ at a monthly $100 with no data caps. Our fiberĀ servicesĀ offerĀ advanced features such as BGP routingĀ and a 99.99% uptime SLA.

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What Services Do We Offer?

We have a team of concentrated technology experts. With our average engineer’s experience being over 10 years, we offer knowledgeable guidanceĀ and consultation services. CP Technology Group offers anything from Infrastructure in a Box to internet at home.


Dedicated Performance

As a PortlandĀ high-speed internet provider, we offer speeds up to 1Gbps for home users and up to 10Gbps for business/wholesaleĀ customers. Our fiber backbone ensures that all routes are optimized for local transport and low latency.


Quick Installation… Easy Setup

Internet and infrastructure services can usually be installed and activated within 24 hours. We cover a vast majority of Portland proper, so there is a good chance we’re available in your area. From signup to installation, our engineersĀ ensure your experience with us is enjoyable.

Browse, Watch, Play More… CP Internet IsĀ Speed Centric.